NEW DELHI: ISRO will get its communication satellite GSAT-31 launched from French Guiana.

The ISRO chief told TOI, “Arianespace will launch GSAT-31 on February 6. The satellite will replace INSAT-4CR, whose life is expected to end soon.”

Sivan said, “Though GSAT-31 is not a heavy satellite (2,600 Kg), we are using the services of Arianespace as it is an emergency launch to replaced the dying INSAT satellite so that communication services are not affected. GSAT-31 satellite can only be launched with GSLV Mk III. But our MK III rockets are already booked for Chandrayaan-2 and other important missions. We don’t have spare GSLV vehicle for GSAT-31.”

He said that “Arianespace will also launch GSAT-30 in June.” This satellite will replace another dying satellite INSAT-4A to ensure continuity of several services. It will provide high-quality television, telecommunication and broadcasting services.

Sivan said, “The next PSLV-C45 mission will take place in March. It will carry a DRDO payload Anisat.”