The file size of the movie, 'Uri: The Surgical Strike' was 3.8 GB. Here's what happens when you download it

At some point in our lives, we have all seen a pirated movie: whether it was because the movie was not released where you live, or it went away from theatres too soon and you missed a chance to see it, or simply because you were too broke to go to the theatres.

But if you think you could try pirating Uri:The Surgical Strike, you might be in for a surprise.

A user on Facebook shared his experience of what happened when he downloaded a 3.8 GB version of Uri: The Surgical Strike. Simply put, he got trolled.

In a Facebook post, he shares a video of the movie as it played. The scene opens with Vicky Kaushal and Yami Gautaum in the middle of discussing a surgical strike, when suddenly, they turn around and face the camera, and address the camera directly. And breaking the fourth-wall was just the beginning.

"Surgical strikes 0400 hours pe start hogi," Yami Gautam's character says. "Unki army ko pata bhi nahin chalega kikya hua."

That's when Major Vihan turns to the viewer and says "Theek usi tarah, jaise iss waqt hum aapke screen mein ghus gaye hain. Aur aapko pata bhi nahin chala"

They then equate the Indian army crossing the border to conduct their surgical strike with these actors entering your pirated movie. They further condone the act of "chori chhipe illegal download" and urge you to go to the theater to watch the movie. 

Still seem a little implausible? The Facebook user has shared a video to prove it.

While the Internet may not be pleased at having to leave the comfort of their home and their bed, the movie makers seem to have perfected the way to stop piracy. After all, if you download 3.8 GB of data for a movie only to be trolled, how likely are you to do the same process again?

Uri: The Surgical Strike released on January 11th.