by Brig Arun Bajpai (Retd)

IS this parliament of India, the highest temple of democracy in the country or children park where a group of Netas of Tamil Nadu were disrupting on going parliament session, on some local state issues and Netas of Congress flying paper aircraft depicting Rafael fighter jets while their own President Rahul Gandhi was discussing Rafael Deal. Finally, in all this din, discussion on Rafael Deal did take place but only after the speaker suspended 37 MPs of AIADMK for next five days till this session lasts. This happened on 02 Jan 2019.

At the end of the day on 2 Jan, it stood out loud and clear that more Congress drags this issue of Rafael Deal, that has been cleared in full by Supreme Court of India recently in its judgement, more Congress is putting its neck in the noose and more congress President Rahul Gandhi is getting exposed for projecting lies and doing disservice to the national security scenario. Congress party went to Supreme Court and was demanding JPC on three basic issues on Rafael Deal. These were, process involved in purchase of 36 Rafael jets in flying condition from France, Price of purchase of these aircraft and the off-set policy of the Modi Government. On all three of these issues after due study SC had found nothing wrong and gave Modi government a clean chit in their judgement. So, the need of the hour was to move ahead, why flog a dead horse. But NO, our very capable congress President Rahul Gandhi wanted discussion in parliament on the issue as also a JPC to be constituted to go into the details of this issue. So, BJP obliged by agreeing for the discussion in parliament which was held on 2 this entire discussion Congress was on back foot. Case in point was Congress MPs flying paper Rafael’s. As for JPC, BJP rightly rejected the demand because on same three issues projected by Congress SC has already given their judgement. So what purpose this JPC will serve? besides are our Netas , with so many of them illiterates more qualified then SC judges? Earlier also JPCs were constituted, how partisan they were is known to all.

Rahul Gandhi the Congress president was insisting that he should be allowed to play an audio tape in which the ex-Defence Minister Parrikar, now CM of Goa, is supposedly saying that he keeps 200 files concerning Rafael Deal in his bedroom, the day he decides to come out with them, hell will be let lose. OK good enough. But then when the parliament Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said that Rahul Gandhi is free to play the tape as long as he takes the responsibility of authenticity of the tape. 

How come Rahul Gandhi then backed out from his demand of playing this tape? that means he was not sure of its authenticity still he wanted to spoil the social image of some leaders? Is this befitting his image? who will take him seriously now? Then Mr Rahul Gandhi appears very agitated that HAL has been ousted in the current Rafael deal. The point is that unlike the 2003-2014 When Congress Defence Minster Saint Antony just sat on then Rafael Deal of 120 of those fighters for IAF with only 18 India gets in flyaway rest made in India by HAL in India only, while the IAF squadrons were reducing at break neck speed for want of fighter aircraft and IAF crying hoarse, Mr Rahul Gandhi and Congress had no qualms on Indian depleting security. Now in off set policy when HAL, a public sector useless organisation, is itself saying that they do not have any role to play, Mr Rahul Gandhi is still talking about why and how HAL was removed. Now after recent revelations of Augusta Westland Scam in which the main in between man, Christian Michel, has been brought to India from Dubai and his revelations that not only The Italian lady and her son was involved in the scam it was Rahul Gandhi who removed the off-set partner as HAL. So why Rahul Gandhi is so worried about HAL when he himself got it removed in Chopper Deal?

In the final analysis, the SC of India has given a clean chit to the Modi Government on the Rafael deal. Now, instead of gracefully withdrawing from this issue, Rahul Gandhi and his cohorts continue to rant of wrong doings by the NDA Government which is now proving to be a case of diminishing marginal returns for the general public. The Honorable Supreme Court is the integral body which the people of India will believe and not the scam tainted Congress party. Hope good sense prevails with the Congress.

Brig Arun Bajpai (Retd) is a distinguished Defence and Strategic Analyst. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN. IDN does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same