An Indian Air Force "Jaguar" fighter crashed in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, in the north of India

The jet was on a routine mission from Gorakhpur. The pilot manged to eject safely, according to reports.
"This morning, a Jaguar aircraft crashed while on a routine mission from Gorakhpur. The pilot ejected safely. A court of inquiry has been ordered to investigate the accident," the Indian Air Force said a statement.
There is no information about the cause of the crash yet.
Authorities are investigating the accident.

Earlier, in September, an Indian Air Force MiG-27 fighter jet crashed during a routine flight near the city of Jodhpur in the country's northern state of Rajasthan; the pilot managed to eject safely.

The Jaguar is a twin-engine, ground attack aircraft which was designed and developed jointly by Breguet of France (now part of Dassault) and the UK-based British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) in the 1960's; India started using the planes in 1979.