Flypast, a signature Republic Day parade activity, is a major attraction for crowds at Rajpath

New Delhi: Thousands of restless people were stunned into a brief silence, their eyes rolled towards skies and ears buzzing to the humming sound as the Indian Air Force planes roared over the majestic Rajpath during the 70th Republic Day parade on Saturday.

Imaginations flew as people stood motionless.

A huge round of applause broke the silence when four helicopters in inverted Y/Wine glass formation carried the national flag and respective service ensigns, marking the beginning of the flypast, a sought-after event during the annual Republic Day parade.

Three ALH Mk IV helicopter fly past the India Gate in 'Rudra' formation during the 70th Republic Day Parade at Rajpath in New Delhi.

The Rudra formation, comprising three ALH Mk IV WSI helicopters, flew in 'vic' formation. The 'Dhruv' formation consisting of two advanced light helicopters and two armed version of the ALH named 'RUDRA' of Army aviation flew in 'Diamond formation'.

The Hercules formation, comprising three C-130J Super Hercules, roared past the Rudra helicopters, with people yelling and cheering the mighty aircraft.

A C-17 Globemaster flanked by two SU-30 MKIs of the Indian Air Force flew in globe formation at a speed of 500 kmph while five Jaguar deep-penetration strike aircraft in arrow head formation flew at a speed of 780 kmph.

The airborne early-warning and control system aircraft 'Netra' with state-of the-art early warning radar and a host of advanced electronic warfare equipment also made its presence felt during the flypast.

IAF's five Jaguar planes fly-past in Arrow Head Formation representing deep penetration skills during the 70th Republic Day Parade at Rajpath in New Delhi

The flypast culminated with a lone Su-30 MKI, flying at a speed of 900 kmph, splitting the sky with a 'vertical charlie'.

Other aircraft that participated in the flypast were MiG-29 Upgrade Air Superiority Fighters and AN-32 aircraft.