Tejas SP-14 (LA-5014 ) has completed its maiden flight from HAL Airport in Bangalore today. SP-14 will be the sixth member of the First Squadron of LCA Tejas. The fighter was piloted by Group Capt KK Venugopal from the National Test Flight centre in Bangalore, the jet flew for around 32 minutes before returning back safely to base.

Couple more production sorties and equal number of customer sorties and thereafter she is ready to join the Flying Daggers.

LCA Tejas was inducted into No. 45 Squadron of Indian Air Force (IAF) on 01 Jul 2016, also called the "Flying Daggers" marking the first anniversary on 1st July 2017. Tejas can carry, Air-to-air Missiles, Air-to-ground Missiles, Anti-ship Missiles, Laser Guided Bombs, Conventional Bombs, GSh-23 Gun and Drop Tanks.

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