Even as the news of disruption caused by pro-Pakistan Khalistani demonstration in front of Indian mission comes from London and Washington, sources in New Delhi have said that currently the worst anti-India propaganda in five years is underway globally backed by Islamabad

On January 26 a group 10-15 Khalistani disruptors tried to burn the Indian national flag in the presence of Pakistani media channels in Washington but the protest fizzled out due to a large number of Indian community members. 

Not only Washington but also in London, Pakistan backed anti-India protestors tried to create disruptions. 

In London, on January 26 a protest took place in which the Indian flag was burnt. Following this New Delhi strongly raised the matter with London.

It is believed that Pakistan is miffed with its growing isolation led by countries in South Asia.

Remember the SAARC summit of 2016 in Islamabad was cancelled after countries in the region boycotted the event due to Islamabad's support to terror in the region. After India's withdrawal Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka also issued statements boycotting the summit.

Last year an anti-India Khalistani rally was organised by Pakistani origin Lord Nazir Ahmed in Trafalgar Square of London. 

Meanwhile, in Canada also, many anti-India events were organised by pro- Khalistan groups last year.

According to Canada government report, the country itself faces threat from Khalistanis. The 2018 public report on the terrorist threat to Canada said," Canada continues to face threats from individuals inspired to commit violence based on other forms of extremism, including from right-wing, Shia Islamist, and Sikh (Khalistani) extremists"