DRDO's indigenous Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile (QRSAM) undergoing accuracy trials

After the attack on the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel in Pulwama on February 14, the tension between India and Pakistan has reached new heights. While protests in India are asking for revenge, Pakistan has reportedly increased military activities along the shared border.

PM Narendra Modi, in his speech for the inauguration of Vande Bharat Express, promised Indian citizens that those behind this dastardly act will pay a 'very heavy price.' He said that all the agencies and forces have been given complete authority to take all the necessary action they deem fit for retaliation.

With the background of this cowardly attack, let's take a look at where India and Pakistan stand if it all comes to repeating the scenario of 1965, 1971 or 1999.

1. India Ranks 4th On Global Firepower Index 2018

According to Global Firepower Index 2018, India ranks fourth only behind the USA, Russia, and China. Among the 136 nations surveyed, Pakistan stands at the 17th post behind nations like Iran, Israel.

2. More Manpower

The report shows that India has a total of 4,207,250 military personnel. Out of which 1,362,500 are on active duty at any given time. On the other hand, Pakistan has only 919,000 military personnel including 637,000 on active duty. 

3. Winged Warriors

The index considers aircraft capable of attacking ground/surface targets as Attack Aircraft and helicopters developed specially for attacking ground targets as Attack Helicopters. India has 804 such aircraft and 590 Fighter Aircraft out of a total of 2,185. Majority of helicopters used by Indian Armed Forces fall under transport category. India is still capable of deploying 15 Attack Helicopters.

In the case of Pakistan, Pakistan's air force has 1,281 total aircraft. 320 are Fighter Aircraft and 410 are Attack Aircraft. They also have 328 Helicopters out of which 49 are Attack Helicopters.

4. Superior Land Strength

India has 4,426 combat tanks; 3,147 armoured fighting vehicles; 190 self-propelled artillery; 4,158 towed artillery; and 266 rocket projectors.

In the same department, Pakistan has only 2,182 tanks; 2,604 armoured vehicles; 1,240 towed artillery; and 144 rocket projector. With a total of 307, they have more self-propelled artillery.

5. Naval Strength

Here's what Indian Navy commands:

Aircraft carriers - 1
Frigates - 14
Destroyers - 11
Corvettes - 22
Submarines - 16
Patrol Vessels - 139
Mine warfare - 4

Here's what Pakistan Navy commands:

Aircraft carriers - 0
Frigates - 10
Destroyers - 0
Corvettes - 0
Submarines - 5
Patrol Vessels - 11
Mine warfare - 3

6. Money Speaks

As per Global Firepower Index 2018, India's defence budget stands at $56 billion and the country's purchasing power parity is ranked at 3rd in the world. Meanwhile, Pakistan allocated $9 for defence budget. It has purchasing power parity rank of 25 in the world.