US President Donald Trump has said New Delhi is looking at something "very strong" in the wake of the Pulwama terror attack, even as he said there were several problems between India and Pakistan.

Responding to questions on the tense situation between the two South Asian neighbours, Trump said the US is talking to the countries.

"We are talking and a lot of people are talking. But, it is a very, very delicate balance going on right now. There's a lot of problems between India and Pakistan because of what just happened," said the US President. "We're very much involved in that, if that's what you're referring to," he said.

Trump described the current situation between India and Pakistan as very dangerous. "It's a terrible thing going on right now between Pakistan and India... it is a very, very bad situation and it's a very dangerous situation between the two countries. We would like to see it stopped. A lot of people were just killed and we want to see it stopped," he said.

IAF destroys Pakistan terror camps! In a big overnight operation, IAF’s Mirage-2000 fighter jets have completely destroyed multiple terror camps in Pakistan. According to IAF sources, as many as 12 Mirage-2000 fighter jets of the Indian Air Force took part in the operation. According to reports, 1,000 kg bombs were dropped on terror camps across the Line of Control (LoC). Sources have said that at around 0330 hours on the 26th February the Mirage-2000 fighter jets struck a major terrorist camp across the LoC and completely destroyed it.

It is quite evident from the statement made by Trump that he was briefed by our policy makers of an impending counter strike by the armed forces against Pakistani terror targets. It is also evident that Trump out rightly backed India's outrage against the cowardly act by Pakistan. Trump is a man of action and it is natural that he would support India's counter strike actions as he had openly supported future Indian armed forces action against Pakistani based terror targets.

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