Pakistan displayed its weapons during its National Day parade

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is of the opinion that the possibility of war with India is not yet over, as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would continue the anti-Pakistan rhetoric in order to cash in on the public sentiments regarding the situation at the border until the Indian elections are over

New Delhi: Expressing grave concern over the persistent tension at the border, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has cautioned that the danger of war with India is not over yet. Khan predicted that relations would remain tense until India's general elections are over.

"The danger is not over. The situation will remain tense till forthcoming general elections in India. We are already prepared to avert any aggression from India", Imran Khan responded to a question about "India's war hysteria" which was attended by a group of Pakistani journalists in Islamabad. 

The statement comes amid reports of continuous cross border firing by forces of both the countries, using mortar and heavy machine guns. The two countries have also reportedly reinforced deployment along the border with air defence missile systems and fighter jets.

Pakistan has yet to open its airspace to Indian civilian flight since 26 February, when the Indian Air Force conducted a "non-military preemptive" strike in Balakot inside Pakistan and claimed to have destroyed terror infrastructure operated by Jaish-e-Mohammed. This was followed by the Pakistani air force entering Indian airspace on 27 February and engaging in an aerial dogfight with the Indian Air Force.

Following the 27 February aerial engagement, the Indian Army reportedly purchased new sniper rifles, including the Barrett M95.50 BMG and Beretta Scorpio TGT "Victrix" 338 Lapua Magnum, for the border patrol force.

Media reports suggest that the Indian Air Force is also contemplating ordering additional air-to-air missiles for combat air patrol missions at the border.