A Rafale fighter jet firing a MICA anti-air, multi-target, fire-and-forget missile system

Former IAF chief calls for a grand strategy to tackle terrorism. Says this strategy should not change with the change in government.

Saying the Indian Air Force needs more squadrons, former Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal AY Tipnis, has said if the IAF had Rafale, it would have destroyed half of Pakistan’s fighter jets.

"The aim of the 24 Pakistan jets was to attack Srinagar, Awantipora base. If India had Rafale at that time, IAF would have destroyed at least 12 of them. Rafale will boost the morale of IAF," Air Marshal AY Tipnis said.

The former Air chief was speaking at the Aaj Tak security summit on Tuesday.

Calling for a grand strategy to tackle terrorism, Air Marshal Tipnis said, "India should not remain silent. This strategy should not change with the change in government. It should move in a uniform direction."

The former IAF said India needs to cut off cultural, sports ties with Pakistan to put pressure on Pakistan.

Former army chief General Bikram Singh, meanwhile, said India needs to strike the beehive as Pakistan will never walk its talk.

"Terrorists are a law onto themselves in Pakistan. It is a mode of employment in Pakistan. This climate of immunity to terrorists by the government needs to be withdrawn," the former air chief said.