New Delhi: After entering into the elite space club with 'Mission Shakti', rubbing shoulders with bigwigs like the US, Russia and China, India is all set to take a giant leap by sending 100 satellites into space by 2025.

"I think there are very few countries in the world, which have space programmes bigger than us.... The programme for the future is even more ambitious. So, if we have 49 satellites today, we are looking for almost 100 satellites by 2025. You have to have the technology not only to throw up satellites in the orbit, but also to defend them," Deputy National Security Adviser Pankaj Saran said, on the sidelines of the press conference on 'Mission Shakti' here.

On March 27, the DRDO successfully blew up Indian satellite in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), up to 300 km. However, India had already achieved the capability of shooting out moving targets in the space, way back in 2011 and has been testing long-range missiles for years.