The amazing MiG-21 interceptor jet, the giant F-16 killer of the Indian Air Force

In a fresh statement, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has reiterated that it shot down a Pakistani F-16 while releasing never before known facts about the dogfight. This comes in the light of now refuted media reports which claim that none of Pakistani F-16s are missing.

As per the statement, after Pakistani Air Force (PAF) aircraft unsuccessfully tried to target the Indian military installations, they were intercepted by a package of IAF’s SU 30MKI, Mirage 2000 and MiG 21 Bison fighters.
The IAF then shared an electronic signature of a radar the F-16 crashed and fell across the Line of Control in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir after being shot down. The electronic emissions analysis picked up by AWACS and radio transcripts indicated F-16s directly in front of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

The statement adds that Indian Army posts near LOC in Jhangar sector sighted two different parachutes in Sabzkot and Tandar separated by around 8 to 10 km. This is corroborated by Pakistani Army’s radio communication which confirm the capture of at least two pilots.

It also mentions DG ISPR’s statement on 27 February which confirmed the capture of “three pilots” which was reduced to two and then just one some time later.

The statement thus asserts that “a total of two aircraft went down on that day in the same area in 60 to 90 second interval.

It concluded with a note that the IAF has more credible information to prove PAF losing an F-16 but is not releasing the same due to security reasons.

The press-briefing was also accompanied by various images which may be released by media outlets in the future.