The EMISAT radar imaging reconnaissance satellite will allow India to “easily” unveil the electronic warfare capabilities of potential adversaries, thus giving it an edge over Pakistan and China, a military analyst told RT.

“A leading space power – and India is aspiring to be one – simply has to have all types of space reconnaissance in its possession,” Mikhail Khodarenok, military analyst and retired colonel in the Russian missile defence forces, told RT.

The EMISAT satellite, which was delivered to orbit by the Indian-made PSLV C-45 on Monday, is a counterpart of the American Lacrosse/Onyx spy satellite. Radar imaging reconnaissance satellites like these “intercept radio signals and identify which radio-electronic systems are used in the designated area,” establishing their location, schedule of operations, and the frequencies they use, Khodarenok explained.

They’re designed to unveil potential enemies’ radars, anti-aircraft missile shield capabilities and air traffic controls.

India will now be able to “easily” obtain extensive information on the radio electronic capabilities of its rivals, the analyst said. Such intelligence is of prime importance, especially in case of military action, meaning that “the launch of this satellite gives New Delhi a significant advantage over its neighbours in China and Pakistan.”