Indian Army inflicts several casualties on Pak troops, destroys 7 military posts: officials

Police further said that he was lured into explicit chats by the ISI agent on both Facebook and WhatsApp. Later, when her Facebook account was deactivated, he kept in touch with her via WhatsApp.

Once trapped by the Pakistani woman, who claimed to be an international journalist, he was allegedly paid Rs 15,000 for each piece of information he shelled out on the location and movement of the Indian Army.

Gradually, both the Intelligence Bureau and the military intelligence grew suspicious of his activities and began keeping a tab on him. Six months of careful observation later, they finally arrested him on charges of compromising classified Indian defence service information.

This is not the first time news of honey-trapping has come up. In the past, too, India Army officers and officials have fallen prey to such traps. For instance, in January this year, a Sepoy posted in Jaisalmer, was taken into custody for sharing sensitive information with a Pakistani importer going by the name Anika Chopra. It was later learnt that she had extracted information about the Indian Army's operations and exercises through 50 other Jawans as well.