US Navy Chief Admiral John M Richardson has said both US and Indian Navies is concerned by terrorism's maritime dimension but with Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA) which was signed last year during the 2+2 talks between Indian and American foreign and defence, ministers will help in exchange of information on such terror activities.

Speaking to reporters via a telephonic press conference from Manila in which WION was present, Admiral Richardson said, "We have very very common views in terms of the importance of addressing and taking measures so that we can take to minimise the possibility of terrorism whether it comes from land or sea. Both of our navies are concerned about the maritime dimension."

Explaining further, "We have a terrific opportunity because of the last 2+2 meet, we signed important agreements — COMCASA. This is a foundational agreement that allows us to exchange information. So we have info exchanges so that we have the opportunity to learn and fully understand and share information with we have with India that will allow us to exchange information on any terror activity."

COMCASA which stands for Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement and a foundational agreement US signs with allies to exchange information.

US Navy Chief was in India earlier this week and met Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba.

On his India visit, Richardson said, the focus was to make the relationship "vibrant" between Indian and US navies. Indian Navy and US Navies interact regularly at bilateral and multilateral forums and participate in maritime exercises such as MALABAR and RIMPAC. 

China and Iran also dominated the press conference. While on China, the US navy chief hoped the as the country expands "it complies with International rules-based order", on the developing situation in West Asia especially on Iran, he said, US is "very working closely with everybody".