Indian Air Force Jet LCA Tejas may soon get Made In India Kaveri Turbofan as GTRE revives program with Snecma

Various jets and helicopters part of Indian Air Force’s arsenal and especially the LCA Tejas may soon get Made In India Aero Gas Turbine Engines as GTRE scientists have revived the program with the help of French aircraft engine manufacturer Snecma, IANS has reported.

This comes at a time when various scientists and defence experts have urged indigenisation in this regard for self reliance in defence engine manufacturing.

During a defence event in Bangalore on Thursday (21 June), aerospace scientists and defence experts stressed on the need for the government and the industry to jointly design and manufacture Aero gas turbine engines for both military and civilian aircraft.

An effort to this regard was pioneered by the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) under DRDO’s guidance to develop an Aero gas turbine engine for the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas.

The engine named Kaveri, which was subsequently developed, was tested in both ground and air but could not be inducted due to low thrust and high weight. Thus, the LCA Tejas aircraft are now fitted with US made General Electric engines.

There’s now a renewed hope for this Indian program as the GTRE scientists hope that after having tied up with French aircraft engine manufacturer Snecma for the completion of the Kaveri project, the latter as part of Rafale offset deal would help in its induction for LCA Tejas and other Indian made aircraft.

The government has already spent over Rs 2,000 crore as part of this project.