Kashmir has been a sensitive issue ever since the time of partition. The state has been in turmoil since a really long time now. Militants want an independent Kashmir, civilians are scared and confused as to what exactly they want. While some of them want to be part of India, some want to be a part of Pakistan. The United States in 1993, tried to mediate in the issue. But, Clinton, in eventuality stayed away from the issue. Last week, when Trump met Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, he said that he would like to help with the Kashmir issue, become a mediator.

Trump said Indian PM Narendra Modi wanted him to 'mediate' in the issue. However, the ministry of external affairs made it clear that no such request was made. Had this been true, it would have meant a major change in India's foreign policy. Trump circled back to the statement saying that Kashmir is an issue to be bilaterally solved through talks between both the nations.

Global Times, mouthpiece of the Chinese communist party made it clear of the fact that it supports US in wanting to mediate in the Kashmir issue for increased peace in the region and that Delhi should understand that the conflict can be resolved only through direct talks with Islamabad.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela and incumbent Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has also offered mediate for the Kashmir issue, but India has turned down all offers for mediation.

The world has pro good relations between India and Pakistan via talks, because in the 72 years of relationship with one another, there has not been effective channels of communication. Over the years whenever clashes have broken out at the Line of Control, innocent lives have been lost. For this reason and to maintain stability in the South Asian region, China has supported peaceful relations between the two nations. Because even in case of war or nuclear armament, innocent lives are at stake.

Besides, the Chinese Belt Road Initiative will be affected if there is always tension in the region. Resolving the Kashmir issue with peaceful talks, will also boost India's image. India, according to China should be more willing to break the deadlock.

Mediation, will not be accepted to resolve issues between the two nations, because, in the past, Russia and United Kingdom have tried to do so and failed. Moreover, India now sees itself as an important power in the region and does not want to seek help.