India is going to the Moon again and the Press Information Bureau has shared a teaser trailer of the Indian space agency ISRO’s next mission, ‘Chandrayaan-2’. The video was released by ISRO on their website and on the video sharing website YouTube. The video explains how the exploration of the Moon started and tells us about the features of the Chandrayaan-2 Spacecraft. The second moon mission of ISRO is scheduled to launch next week.

In another video that ISRO uploaded, they have explained how the exploration on the Moon has been done is all these years by different nations and how Chandrayaan-2 is different and unique amongst all.
The video was first shared by ISRO and then tweeted by PIB with a caption “We are all set, Are you?”

Earlier, the agency had released a few pictures of the spacecraft and the Chandrayaan-2 rover named Pragyan. The Chandrayaan-2 mission has 3 modules namely orbiter, Lander called Vikram and the Rover Pragyan. The video shared by PIB on YouTube, which is almost two and a half minutes long, has been viewed approximately 1.5 lakh times and was liked by more than 13,000 people.

Press Information Bureau