MOSCOW: Sanctions pressure will not prevent Russia from participating in Indian arms procurement tenders, including on purchase of 110 fighter jets, or deliveries of Russian weaponry if Moscow wins them, Vladimir Drozhzhov, deputy director of Russia's Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC), told reporters.

Russia's MiG corporation earlier reported that the new Russian MiG-35 light fighter, which is participating in the Indian Air Force tender for the purchase of 110 aircraft of this class, will cost New Delhi 2 less than its foreign competitors.

"Sanctions do not bring anything good to anyone. Everyone understands this very well, so we are forced to find ways to circumvent them. We are grateful to our Indian partners for taking efforts in this respect," Drozhzhov said.

"But since we have found solutions for a project like the S-400, we have found ways to cooperate on the Project 11356 frigates and Kalashnikov assault rifles, I hope that we will find the same solutions for the supply of fighter jets, and I see good prospects of our participation in the upcoming [light fighter] tender," the official stressed.