Pakistan PM Imran Khan told a special session of the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir "assembly" in Muzaffarabad that India had plans to attack PoK. Khan also tweeted separately that RSS's ideology was "as dangerous" as that of the Nazis. By revoking Article 370, Khan said, India had internationalised Kashmir

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan told a special session of the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir "assembly" in Muzaffarabad on Wednesday, Pakistan's independence day, that India had plans to attack PoK and that Islamabad would "fight till the end" to counter that.

Khan also tweeted separately that RSS's ideology was "as dangerous" as that of the Nazis and that the withdrawal of Article 370 was RSS's "final solution".

The "prime minister" of PoK, Raja Farooq Haider, meanwhile, said at the same session that PoK would soon issue a notification - after bringing a resolution in the assembly - renaming the Line of Control as the "Ceasefire Line", as it was originally known before the 1972 Simla Agreement changed it to "LoC".

Imran claimed in the assembly that the "Pakistan army has full knowledge that India has made a plan to take action in AJK".

"We have decided that if India commits any type of violation we will fight till the end. We will respond and the whole nation will back the battle-hardened Pakistan Army. Muslims never bow before anybody except Allah. We will teach you (Modi) a lesson if you carry out your intentions in AJK," he said.

"Our message" to international organisations that were formed to prevent wars, Khan said, is that if this war takes place, "you will be responsible". He said the whole world, including the entire Muslim population of the world, was looking towards the United Nations. "You will see the numbers in which the public will come out during the UN General Assembly session in September."

"I believe Modi has made a huge strategic blunder. It will cost him and his BJP government heavily. I consider it a big miscalculation by Modi. He has played his final card," Imran Khan told the legislators.

By revoking Article 370, Khan said, India had internationalised Kashmir. "It used to be very hard to speak about Kashmir and to draw global attention to the human rights violations in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Now the world's eye is on Kashmir and on Pakistan. I will now become the voice for Kashmir. We will go to every international forum… we will go to the International Court of Justice," Khan said.

"After this final card that Modi has played, we hope Kashmir will now go towards independence," he added.

PM Khan claimed in a series of tweets that he had unveiled the ideology of Modi and his government. "Today, we are facing a terrifying ideology of the Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) party. Modi has been a member of RSS from childhood," Khan said.

Likening the RSS to the Nazis, Khan said the RSS has included ethnic cleansing of Muslims from India in its ideology. "In the past five years, the cruelty in occupied Kashmir was due to this ideology. This card (withdrawing Article 370) played by Narendra Modi was the final solution," he said.

"We need to inform the world of RSS's ideology. After 1945, the UN, the Geneva Convention were created. The world decided that this should never happen in the world again. The world doesn't know that RSS ideology is as dangerous as Nazi ideology," Khan said.

"This (RSS) ideology has undermined the Constitution of India. They (BJP government) have controlled the media. Opposition leaders are speaking with fear. RSS thugs do not let people attend conferences. Judges are scared of them. Intellectuals are scared of speaking about the government," Khan claimed.

"They (BJP) are taking India towards destruction. People are living in fear in India," Khan said, adding that this used to happen in Nazi Germany.

"This will not stop in Kashmir - this will come towards Pakistan," he warned.

"In the end, I want to pay tribute to Quaid-i-Azam (Jinnah). Today we are living in an independent country. He knew he (Jinnah) wasn't going to live but he didn't let anyone find out about his ailment and negotiated till the end," Khan said. "We know that Pakistan was made for a purpose," he added.

Prime Minister Imran Khan ended his speech by addressing PM Modi again: "Don't be under any misconception; Kashmiris have become battle-hardened. Their fear is gone. We saw how they came out in the BBC report."

Raja Farooq Haider, "PM" of PoK, said India's decision to strip Kashmir of its autonomous status would give way to a new resistance movement. "Article 370 had ensured safety for the people of Kashmir. India wants to change the demography of occupied Kashmir by revoking Article-35A of its Constitution," Haider said.