Sheikh Rashid at a recent interview 

Railway Minister of Pakistan, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad spoke about India in a recent interview. In the video he talks about Muslims in India and how he is the voice of all the Muslims residing in India. In the video, he also says that if there is a war between India and Pakistan he will go to the border to fight.

The tension between India and Pakistan is at an all-time high right now after the removal of Article 370. Ministers from both sides of the borders have taken stands and expressed how they feel about the decision.

One such minister is the Railway Minister of Pakistan, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad. During a recent interview, the minister expressed his views. The video shared by a Twitter user, Rosy, of the minister talking about his feelings has gone viral and Twitter can't stop laughing.

The video is captioned, "'BRAVE' Pakistani Min. of Railways Sheikh Rasheed-Waqt aane par Border par ladunga. Same Rashid fled Pakistan at time of 1998 nuclear tests.(sic)"
In the video, he can be heard saying, "Waqt aaya to yeh kom meri recording yaad rakhe. Main aisa kaam dikhaunga ki shahdat ke bad, duniya ki semi power ka satyanash kar diya aur ujad ke rakh diya."

He continues, "Aur waqt aane pe yeh pata lagega ki muslman akela bhi bahut hota hai." He goes on to say, "Main tamam India ke musalmano ki dil ki awaaz hun."

During the course of the interview he also said, "Main jung ki masalat nai hone dena chahta, lekin yeh agar aapne masalat ki. To fir main aapko bataunga ki main khud kis tarah ladunga."

"Fauj to ladegi hi lekin main kis tarah ladunga yeh bataunga", is how he ended the interview.

After listening to Sheikh Rashid's threats, Twitter is laughing. Have a look at the hilarious comments.