New Delhi: The gaffe occurred after Pakistani Minister Fawad Chaudhry met Denmark's Ambassador to Pakistan for talks on building a science and technology partnership.

Pakistani Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry, who has a history of leaving people rolling their eyes over his gaffes, has again become the target for trolls on social media by misspelling “very” as “bery”.

Eagle-eyed twitterati pointed fingers at Chaudhry’s “carefree” body language and slammed him for sitting crossed-legged during a formal meeting while some chose to troll him for his lack of etiquette.

Chaudhry took to Twitter to announce the success of his meeting with the Danish ambassador Rolf Michael Holmboe by retweeting photographs shared by the ambassador.

The tweet was enough for the twitterati to spot the ministers gaffe, setting off a major firestorm with many of them trolling him for the typo.

Chaudhry had to also bear the ignominy for another incident for improper sitting posture while meeting the Danish ambassador as cross-legged, a bit too casually manner by many on the social media.
In another incident, Chaudhry was badly trolled for his tweet that “marrying at the right age and having a good wife could help men save up to 40 GB of computer space.”