A day after investigation revealed the role of pro-Pakistan handles behind the “GoBackModi” trend on Twitter, the microblogging website was on Saturday flooded with a new hashtag “DontGoBackModi”, which even became the top trend in India.

On Friday, ahead of PM Modi’s visit to Mamallapuram for his informal summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, “#GoBackModi” was seen widely trending on Twitter. However, a probe by intelligence agencies revealed that the campaign was energetically promoted by handles linked to Pakistanis who have a history of acting in tandem on social media with extremist groups.

The trend has been seen in the past as well when the PM had visited Tamil Nadu. This time the agencies tracked the handles and profiles and detected a common thread of anti-India propaganda. To counter the campaign, several Twitter users today posted pictures of PM Modi picking up trash at a beach in Mamallapuram with the hashtag “DontGoBackModi”. It also became the number 1 trend on Twitter.