Exiled Pakistani activist Arif Aajakiya in a recent vlog has given a reality check to his fellow countrymen about their “independent identity” and urged them to acknowledge that they have originated out of India.

In the clip posted on Twitter the prominent human rights activist reminded the Pakistanis that contrary to their perception, all the cuisines they stake their claim on like Haleem, Nihari, Biriyani and Daal Chawal are all Indian foods.
“What is it that you own, which is giving you so much of self-pride. Even your languages like Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi originated in India. Come back to reality, come back to your origin. India is your origin. You were born out of India, how can you hate it.”, remarked Aajakia.

He also questioned his fellow countrymen over their hatred against India and attributed it to the brainwashing by Pakistani Army. He added that India is very tolerant towards Pakistanis and said that despite Muslims breaking India into two pieces India still treats them with respect.