In an interview on the popular American talk show-‘Morning Joe’ on MSNBC, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had to suffer utter humiliation when the anchor Joe likened him to a ‘voter’ from Bronx on his remark that China had better infrastructure than the United States.

Censuring the United States for waging a “needless” war in the middle-east, Imran Khan asserted that while America poured in billions of dollars in a futile war in Afghanistan, the Chinese were busy building a first-world infrastructure in their country. “You have to see it to believe the infrastructural development leaps made by the Chinese whereas in New York I see cars bumping around,” Khan said.

However, this was sharply countered by the ‘Morning Joe’ host Joe who made a derisive remark against the Pakistan PM Khan saying that he did not sound like a Prime Minister of Pakistan but instead like a voter from the Bronx. “You don’t sound right now like a Prime Minister from Pakistan, and you sound like a voter from Bronx, who would complain about the infrastructure and money being spent on wars on terrorism in Afghanistan instead of fixing the infrastructure,” the show host Joe Scarborough quipped. His co-host Mika Brzezinski also agreed with this observation. Imran Khan had nothing to respond to this other than helplessly smiling.

Bronx is a very densely populated area in New York.

The Pakistan Prime Minister made the comments when Joe asked him what would he advise Donald Trump on how to handle the Afghanistan issue. Imran Khan said that Afghanistan has no military solution, and the money being spent on the war there is a waste, as the USA has achieved nothing there. He said that while China was developing world-class infrastructure, USA was wasting money in Afghanistan.

Khan has been hitting out at the United States for the last few days, in a desperate hope to align it in conformity to the Pakistani view of India’s action in Kashmir. Khan has also been pinning the blame of terrorism on the United States saying that America was responsible for spawning terrorism in the middle-east during the peak of the cold war.

Besides obsequiously hailing China and admonishing the United States, Khan also ratcheted up the shrill rhetoric surrounding the abrogation of Article 370 on the talk show, once again alluding that the global apathy towards India’s move in Kashmir may trigger a war between two nuclear-armed neighbours.

Ever since India repealed Article 370, stripping Jammu and Kashmir of its separate status, Imran Khan has been travelling door-to-door across the world in order to pressurise India into revoking the move. However, most of the countries have thumped nose at Khan’s requests, siding with India and terming the move as India’s internal matter.