by Brig Arun Bajpai

Is it not funny that while Pakistan has been shouting from roof tops on every forum since ages about Kashmir, so much so that world at large feels that Pakistan is justified in ranting about Kashmir, India has been following a defensive policy on Kashmir including on PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and Baluchistan? Hardly people, specially world body, knows what exactly is the Kashmir problem? most of them have cosmetic knowledge of this problem a fact borne out by the US Congressmen foreign policy committee hearing recently where even India had to say that American Senators do not have sufficient knowledge of Kashmir problem. Surely this is fault of India.

Leave aside foreigners, even in India people hardly know the type of atrocities being committed by Pakistan in POK and Baltistan which is part of J&K and occupied by Pakistan in Oct 1947 by deceit. Hardly any effort has been made by India to highlight the pathetic condition of PoK and Baltistan and the Pakistan’s efforts to change the demography of these places by bringing in Punjabi Muslims from mainland Punjab. India should have made a cause and protested on Pakistan handing over 5000 sq. km Shaksgam Valley to China in 1963 which is part of POK and a disputed area. Same can be said of the Indian apathy in bringing out the plight of Baluchistan. Hardly anybody knows specially in India that what atrocities Pakistani Army is committing in Baluchistan on their own people. thousands of Baluchistan people are missing today with no trace thanks to Pakistani Army. So many of Baluch people are taken up in air by Pakistani Army in helicopters and then thrown out. However, we hardly come to know of this in India. Baluch people want to establish a government of theirs in exile in India but we are not ready. Question is why? Why are we sparing Pakistan? Pakistan is day and night interfering in matters like abrogation of Art 370 by us in Kashmir, which is purely internal matter of India, so why are we not highlighting its atrocities being committed in PoK and Baluchistan? India must have an organisation like ISI of Pakistan which should be total Pakistan centric and should bring in public and world domain every wrong move Pakistan does. Of course, Pakistan takes recourse to lies but our organisation should only propagate truth of what is happening in POK and Baluchistan. This will ensure that over a period of time we will be believed and our news will have a major impact on world forum.

As for terror, whole world knows that Pakistan is using Jihadis nurtured, trained and protected by Pakistani Army since 1988 against us in proxy war. despite the fact that today Pakistani economy is bankrupt and its PM Imran khan is going around the world with a begging bowl, Pakistani army continues to carry on with this proxy war. Till the surgical strike in URI in 2017 and the Balakot Air Strike in Feb 2019, India was, as reasons best known to its Congress Neta’s, been soft on Pakistan. It is only after arrival of BJP Modi Government in 2014 that things started to change for Pakistan. During initial stages Modi Government also was following the old policy of being soft on Pakistan. Result was Pakistani sponsored Jihadist attacking Pathankot Air base and other important institutions of India. It was only after URI attack by these Jihadist in 2017 that Modi Government changed its policy in dealing with Pakistan from Defensive to proactive and offensive. Results are for all to see. No more arguments by Netas of Congress type that since both countries are nuclear it is not possible to attack Pakistan. During Modi regime first surgical strikes in URI Sector then in Feb Balakot air strike killing hundreds of Jihadis, and now just a few days back artillery concentrated assault across LOC leading to lot of deaths and destruction to Pakistan sponsored Jihadi launch pads, killing 7 Pakistani soldiers and 35 Jihadist.

India now should not let go Pakistan. Every shenanigan of Pakistani Army must be met with brutal response. There are already reports in Pakistani media that days of Imran Khan, their selected PM by their Army, are numbered. similarly, after their Army Chief Bajwa getting three-year extension has annoyed Pakistani corps commanders whose future is being affected. There are rumblings in Pakistani Army also against their Army chief Bajwa. It is common knowledge that Bajwa has weakened Pakistani institutions. Some time back news had come up that their Army Chief Bajwa is an Ahmadia Muslim, not liked in Pakistan. In other words, things are not honky dory in Pakistani Army also. POK is on the boil, there are rallies being held in POK against the current Government. Maulana Fazlur Rehman has already started a long march towards Islamabad with an aim to oust Imran Khan. So, what is India waiting for? We must make life hell for Pakistan.

Brig Arun Bajpai (Retd) is a distinguished Defence and Strategic Analyst. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN. IDN does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same