The Army Chief stressed that success in the modern battlefield depends on seamless communication

New Delhi: Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Tuesday spoke of a ‘no war, no peace’ situation in which India finds itself today. Gen Rawat said this situation was created due to the proxy war being waged against India by Pakistan using terrorists.

Speaking at the DEFCOM event here, the Army Chief referred to terrorism and said India today is engaged in fighting proxy wars. “We have entered a no war, no peace scenario,” he stated.

The Army Chief stressed that success in the modern battlefield depends on seamless communication. The defence communication network has brought the three Services (Army, Navy, Air Force) together, he added.

Admitting that Indian forces today are working with systems that can be compromised, he stressed that there is a need to develop communication systems that will provide secrecy.

“The issue of secrecy is important for the security forces. If it gets compromised, then no plan can work. To bring in secrecy, it is important that we develop indigenous systems. Today we're operating on systems that can be compromised,” he said.

The network of 3 services will be integrated, he said further, adding the issue interoperability will be addressed.

The Chief of Army Staff said for joint operations, planning, intelligence, logistics and communication is necessary.

Gen Rawat further said new defence procurement policy is expected next year.

“Technology is fast changing. If we don't improve procurement cycles, we'll always be operating with obsolete equipment. Instead of having procurement procedures in concentric circles, we need to go into a cyclical form so that simultaneous procurement processes can happen,” he said at the event.