Seen in this picture is the Surya ICBM (Agni-VI) along with Agni and NAG-ATM missiles

The rumoured Surya ICBM surfaced in a purported Educational advertisement in a local Delhi newspaper. That's interesting. Surya ICBM is a rumoured MIRV with range of 10,000-12,000 km range. Let's see if it's an official design and DRDO is aware of the reveal.

The missile design seems to be in inline with a SILO/VLS launch config.

This could be an enthusiast recreation of the missiles as the design of the BrahMos as seen in the picture is rather suspect. Anyways, it is a very intriguing picture posted on Twitter.

There have been speculations that India could be working on a long range ballistic missile - Agni-6. While some reports have suggested that Agni -6 could be in the hardware development phase, some others have gone on to the extent of claiming that Agni VI is being given the finishing touches by the DRDO. The DRDO and the MoD have been tight-lipped about it and no clear statement has been given in this regard.

The fourth test of the nuclear-capable, intercontinental Agni-V missile on 26 December 2016, it was reported that Agni-6 could be armed with MIRV (multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles) capability which is an advanced technology that allows a single missile to carry multiple warheads, with each warhead capable of striking a different target.

Agni-6 could be an ICBM with 10,000 km - 12,000 km range. Developing it or even the mere announcement that India would be developing it in future is a very tricky situation. For one, India would be breaking out of the regional context. Range of ballistic missiles is a contentious issue. Many European nations and experts in the US are likely to argue that why should India develop a 12,000 km range ICBM when its furthest rival is China.