A Republic of Singapore Air Force F-16C fighter aircraft taking off for a mission as part of the Joint Military Exercise at India's Kailakunda Air Force Station

SINGAPORE - The Singapore and Indian air forces have added a new air-sea training component as both countries hold their 10th joint military training (JMT) at India's Kalaikunda Air Force Station from Oct 31 to Dec 12.

The joint training will allow aircrew from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and the Indian Air Force (IAF) to hone their operational skills and enhance interoperability through drills such as air combat and mission-oriented training, the Ministry of Defence said on Thursday (Nov 28).

"Since the conduct of the first JMT in 2008, the exercise has grown in scale and complexity with advanced fighter assets from both countries training together," said Brigadier-General Ho Kum Luen, Commander of the RSAF's Air Combat Command.

"The RSAF values the opportunity to train alongside our counterparts from India, which enhances our competencies and also builds mutual trust among our people," he added.

The 10th JMT is conducted under the Air Force Bilateral Agreement, which was inked in 2007 and renewed in 2017.

Both air forces also interact regularly through visits, courses and other professional exchanges.