Women personnel of Afghan National Army being instructed by Indian Army instructors during a training module, at Officer's Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai

CHENNAI: Nearly 20 women officers from the Afghanistan defence force have taken up training at the Officers Training Academy (OTA) here for the third year in a row.

The officers, in service of two to nine years, are undergoing four weeks of military training which includes physical training, drill, weapon training, tactical training, leadership and human resources management at the OTA here, a press release said.

While the officers have already undergone military training in their respective services in Afghanistan, the OTA was imparting the much-needed exposure to them in modern training methods and facilities.

The women officers are from various divisions of the Afghanistan army including logistics, human resources, infantry and radio communications.

The training to the women officers reinforces the emergence of OTA, Chennai, as the Centre of Excellence for training in the Indian army, it said.

The lady officers showed keen interest in various outdoor activities like sports, obstacle training and weapon training.

Infantry tactics and information technology were the most preferred in indoor training, it said.