The Pakistan Navy has "consolidated all Indian high-value assets" that are to be targeted during hostilities

Ahmedabad: Pakistan's new hit list in the Sir Creek area and the Gujarat coastline includes nearby ports and other establishments, including civilian ones.

The Pakistan Navy has "consolidated all Indian high-value assets" that are to be targeted during hostilities. The new list is coming in the wake of its new Azmat-class fast attack craft, each one equipped with eight cruise missiles.

The targets, included in the Pakistan plan-book, high-placed government sources said, are:

The Sardar Patel Navy forward operational base in Porbandar. It was used post-Balakot when there were fears of escalation
The Indian Air Force airfields in Nalia, Bhuj and Jamnagar.
The Reliance oil refinery, the largest in the world with an installed capacity of over a million barrels a day
The Flag Officers Gujarat Naval area. It is usually commanded by a rear-admiral
Important ports including at Sikka and Kandla, one of the biggest on the west coast of India
The Border Security Force establishment at Koteshwar, where 300 security personnel are placed
The BSF post at Lakhpat that guards the international border in the area. Creek commandos are posted here

Four Azmat-class fast-attack craft have joined the India Navy, the first one having been built in China. Each Azmat-class missile boat carries eight C-802 cruise missiles as well as guns. They are also hard to target because of their speed, about 30 knots. The missile-boats have an anti-missile close-in weapon system, to protect themselves from missiles targeting them.

Pakistan continues to ship for weapons and military equipment. It is buying 30,000-40,000 high-quality personal armour systems for infantry from Zebra Armour, South Africa. 

It is also building bridges with Egypt, its ordnance factories selling large quantities of ammunition for Egyptian artillery over the next six months. These include shells and fuses.