Jabalpur is a complete defence industrial hub: Brig Raut

LPR Khamaria and SQAE, Commandant, Brigadier Nishchaya Raut says, “Starting proof firing of high calibre guns made Jabalpur a complete defence industrial hub with the complete quorum of all the stakeholders required right from production, testing, approving and stocking of arms and ammunition. Along with the proof firing of indigenously developed Dhanush and Sharang, LPR is all set to proof firing of other imported guns for Armed Forces and private defence industries. It will save precious time, budget and manpower of the Ministry of Defence”. He added that Jabalpur is itself a hub of defence with the major establishments of Ordnance Factory Khamaria (OFK), Gun Carriage Factory (GCF), Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ), Grey Iron Foundry (GIF), 506 Army Base Workshop, Central Ordnance Depot (COD), Director General Quality Assurance (DGQA), Senior Quality Assurance Establishment (Armaments) (SQAE) with road, rail and air connectivity. After 14-month-long rigorous reconnaissance of range and finding its qualities, refining of range table, LPR Khamaria has been finalised for proof firing of high calibre guns with the help of DRDO, OFK, DGQA, WDET, ODC Kanpur and ARDE, Pune. Surprisingly, not a single pie of defence budget was used for starting proof firing of high calibre guns at LPR Khamaria.

Proof firing of Dhanush will also be started in city: Brig Bharadwaj 

DGQA, Brigadier Ravi Bharadwaj says, “Russian 130 mm guns procured by the Indian Army were earlier developed as Soltam Gun with Israeli technology. Thereafter, the imported gun was handed over to Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) for indigenisation. Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) along with other agencies indigenously upgraded the 130 mm gun system to 155/45 caliber gun as Sharang. OFB awarded a contract of upgrading around 180 guns and proof firing of two upgraded guns successfully carried out. Along with Sharang, proof firing of Dhanush will also be started in Jabalpur. Earlier, new gun systems were sent at Itarsi range for proof firing which took enough time and exhaust budget and manpower.

Indigenisation of Sharang, Dhanush biggest success stories: 

Brig Kar WDET, Director, Brigadier Jayant Kar says, “Indigenised production of Sharang and Dhanush are biggest success stories of defence production in the country. Dhanush is completely new gun which was upgraded version of imported Bofors gun from Sweden. Electronic upgradation of Dhanush was successfully carried out by GCF and Ordnance Development Centre, Kanpur. Sharang was fielded for integrated firing checks and all checks were successfully cleared in different degrees. Initially firing of four rounds from two guns each gave good results of recoil length for further test firing by crew members. Its credit goes to LPR Commandant for starting proof firing of high caliber guns in Jabalpur. We are hopeful that first regiment of 18 Sharang will be delivered by March 31.

Upgradation has increased firing range: Colonel Tandon

Sharang Project In-charge, Colonel Rajat Tandon says, “Gun Carriage Factory and Vehicle Factory Jabalpur have successfully upgraded the 130 mm Russian gun system indigenously. Upgradation of gun has increased its firing range from 27.5-kilometres to 39-kilometres with better targeting accuracy. Upgraded Russian gun has been developed with power rammer for fast ramming and improved lethality. Firing range of Dhanush and Sharang are almost same but Dhanush has completely different features of automation and electronic control systems.