On the occasion of 71st Republic Day parade, the newly-inducted attack helicopter Apache and transport helicopter Chinook took part in the Republic Day flypast for the first time. Wing Commander SK Chauhan led the 'Vic' formation, comprising three Dornier aircraft. The captains of the other two aircraft were Squadron Leader Vikas Kumar and Squadron Leader Abhishek Vashisht.

So far, four aircraft have been inducted which are being utilised to further hone the skill of the IAF pilots in France. TEJAS is a single-engine, delta wing multi-role fighter aircraft and will be used for engaging in combat missions, reconnaissance and interdiction roles.

The LCH is capable of operating up to an altitude of 21,000 feet and has recently test-fired an air to air missile. In addition, the helicopter is being equipped with 20 mm turret guns and 70 mm rockets. Akash is a medium-range mobile surface-to-air missile defence system which can target aircraft at a distance of up to 30 kilometres and at altitudes up to 18,000 metres. It has the capability to neutralise aerial targets like fighter jets and various other missiles.

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