KOLKATA: Jailed Islamic State (ISIS) operative Abu Musa attacked the jail warden inside Presidency jail in Kolkata on Saturday.

According to sources in the West Bengal Correctional Home Department, ISIS operative Musa attacked head warden, Amal Karmakar with an iron pipe. Karmakar suffered injuries on his head and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

West Bengal Correctional Home Department minister Ujjal Biswas, confirming the news said, “We are investigating how he managed to procure the iron pipe. We will take appropriate action against him.” 

Musa, who is currently lodged in the 1/22 cell of the Presidency jail is a dreaded jail inmate and has a history of attacking prison personnel.

In December 3, 2017, Musa tried to slash the throat of the prison guard with a sharp nail while he was lodged in the Alipore jail.

Following the incident, he was shifted to the Presidency jail where he attacked the warden today. Musa was arrested from Burdwan railway station by West Bengal Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on July 4, 2016 on charges of radicalising youths to join ISIS.

Later the same year, a seven-member team of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) interrogated Musa in Kolkata whether he had any links with Syria based terror groups.

Soon after his arrest, National Investigation Agency (NIA) took custody of Musa. The NIA in its charge sheet said that Musa had planned to attack Mother House in Kolkata to target US nationals.

The chargesheet filed by NIA mentioned that Musa had planned to attack Mother House as a lot of US nationals would frequent this place to pay homage to Mother Teresa of Calcutta.