New Delhi: Since the removal of Article 370 of the Constitution giving special status to Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan is in a rage and it is engaged in conspiring to spoil this atmosphere of peace in Kashmir. According to the intelligence report, there are hundreds of terrorists on the launching pad built across the border and all the terrorists are continuously plotting to enter Kashmir with the help of Pak Army.

Along with these terrorist groups, there is also a dual challenge to deal with the stone-pelting people in Kashmir. On 26 January, Republic Day will be celebrated all over the country. On this occasion, we are getting your meeting with such 'Special 42' who are being trained along with terrorists to eliminate Naxalites. Actually 'Special 42' is that brave team of CRPF which is being trained in the jungles of Haryana, about 120 km from Delhi. There are some women officers in this team, who have been training for the last 51 weeks. Those who have decided to leave the rest of their lives and join the CRPF to serve the country.

Assistant Commandant Monica has told that 'Special 42' is being prepared in such a way that they can handle the war-like situation more easily. All the Assistant Commandant rank officers are in this team, who are being trained to operate modern weapons of all kinds. So that they can counter the terrorists.