PoK Minister Mushtaq Minhas reminds one of Elmer Fudd, fictional character from Bugs Bunny

Parody country Pakistan has clowns for minister. Days after Indian Army chief said that Indian Army is ready to take back Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) if the Parliament agrees and gives orders, PoK minister Mushtaq Minhas took to Twitter to threaten General MM Naravane saying that ‘we’ (Pakistanis) are ready.

While it is not sure whether he was eagerly looking forward to PoK coming back to India and was welcoming Indian Army chief, the bird hunting shotgun he was holding didn’t really seem that welcoming.

Dressed in track pants, sporting a fedora hat, he looked more like an old man enjoying his retirement and way less frightening. Netizens left not time to make fun of the minister for making a fool of himself.

Even PUBG players have better guns.

Pakistanis themselves could not hide their embarrassment.

Reminds one of Elmer Fudd from Bugs Bunny cartoons.