Kumar was responding to the OIC statement alleging the violence was targeted against Muslims lives, mosques and Muslim-owned properties

India on Thursday refuted the claim made by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that Muslims and their places of worships were targeted in three-day-long Delhi riots, calling it “factually incorrect, selective and misleading” and advised bodies such as OIC to desist from making “irresponsible” statements.

“OIC statement is factually inaccurate, selective & misleading. There is an effort on the ground to restore normalcy & create confidence. We urge these bodies not to issue irresponsible statements,” external affairs ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said in a media briefing.

Kumar was responding to the OIC statement alleging the violence was targeted against Muslims lives, mosques and Muslim-owned properties.

“OIC condemns the recent & alarming violence against Muslims in India, resulting in the death & injury of innocent people & the arson and vandalism of mosques and Muslim-owned properties,” said a tweet posted by the OIC on Thursday.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation describes itself as the 2nd largest inter-governmental organization after the United Nations with 57 member states, mostly Muslim majority countries. It claims to be the collective voice of the Muslim world, safeguarding their interests.

India has accused OIC of interfering in Indian matters in the past as well, and it didn’t agree with the organization’s description of the riots as “anti-Muslim” violence.

“The OIC calls on Indian authorities to bring the instigators and perpetrators of these acts of anti-Muslim violence to justice and to ensure the safety and security of all its Muslim citizens and the protection of Islamic holy places across the country,” OIC had claimed in another tweet.

Ground reports and official accounts do not bear out OIC’s claims that a single community was targeted in the three-day riots that started on Sunday evening in northeast Delhi. Casualties have been reported from both Hindu and Muslim communities along with accounts of violence from both sides.

Raveesh Kumar said the cause of the violence was being investigated and the law enforcement agencies were active on the ground to bring the situation back to normal.

“PM himself has publicly appealed for peace & brotherhood. I would also like to refer to some statements which have come out, by agencies/individuals. We would urge that it is not the right time to make such irresponsible comments, it can create more problems than it would solve,” he said.

MEA had earlier today responded to similar criticism from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, (USCIRF), an international body, expressing “grave concern” over violence “targeted against a minority community”.

MEA had rejected the comments and said they were not just misleading but aimed at politicizing the incident of violence.

“Seen comments made by United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), sections of media and a few individuals on recent incidents of violence in Delhi. These are factually inaccurate and misleading, and appear to be aimed at politicising the issue,” Raveesh Kumar had said.

At least 34 people have been killed in the riots that started on Sunday with clashes between groups supporting and opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act. Over 300 people have been injured.