The Ordnance Factory officially handed over the indigenous ‘SHARANG’ cannon developed by Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) in Jabalpur to the Indian Army at Defence Expo in Lucknow.

Indigenously upgraded Sharang 155 mm gun system was successfully test-fired at the Long Proof Range (LPR) of Khamaria in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh in Jan 2020. The firepower of this high calibre gun, which is also the country's largest indigenous gun, has been increased to 39 km. This is the first time that the upgraded Sharang gun system was tested in Jabalpur.

As part of the Narendra Modi government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, the indigenously-designed towed 155 mm/45 calibre artillery gun Sharang was manufactured by Gun Carriage Factory and the Ordnance Factory, Kanpur.

Program Coordinator (Sharang), Brigadier Jayant Kar says, "Sharang was fielded for integrated firing checks and all checks were successfully cleared in different degrees. Initially firing of four rounds from two guns each gave good results of recoil length for further test firing by crew members. Its credit goes to LPR Commandant for starting proof firing of high calibre guns in Jabalpur."

Gun Carriage Factory and Vehicle Factory Jabalpur have successfully upgraded the 130 mm Russian gun system indigenously. Upgradation of gun has increased its firing range from 27.5-kilometres to 39-kilometres with better targeting accuracy. Upgraded Russian gun has been developed with power rammer for fast ramming and improved lethality. Firing range of Dhanush and Sharang are almost same but Dhanush has completely different features of automation and electronic control systems.

The induction of Sharang will bolster the Army’s combat abilities. The weapon has been upgraded successfully from its previous specification of 130 mm to 155 mm.

The Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ) has been assigned for assembling 12 of 30 Sharang gun systems while rest will be assembled at Gun Carriage Factory.

Indigenous upgradation of 130 mm gun has been carried out at the Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur, and its other components are being produced at the Ordnance Equipment Centre, Kanpur and Ordnance Factory, Kanpur.

Vehicle Factory Jabalpur started a diversified project of assembling upgraded 130 mm Russian Gun System with assembling of 155 mm Sharang Gun system in technical collaboration with Gun Carriage Factory.

The 155 mm Sharang gun is an upgraded version of Soviet-era 130 mm/52 calibre M-46 field guns. The original version has a striking range of 27 kilometre. 

The Indian Army is expected to save Rs 100 crore annually due because of the indigenous upgradation of the gun.

Sharang gun systems are equipped with night vision sensors which will allow the armed forces to target the enemy in the night.

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