India protests Iran FM's comments on Delhi violence. Javad Zarif slams 'senseless thuggery', calls for rule of law. Describes violence as 'organised violence against Indian Muslims'

India on Tuesday summoned the Iranian envoy, Ambassador Ali Chegeni, to protest the Iranian foreign minister's description of the communal violence in Delhi as "senseless thuggery" and "organised violence against Indian Muslims".
A "strong protest" was lodged over comments made by Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on matters internal to India, sources said.

Javad Zarif made the remarks in a tweet he posted late on Monday night.

He urged New Delhi to "ensure the well-being of all Indians" and said the path forward lay "in peaceful dialogue and the rule of law".

Over 45 people have been killed in riots that have devastated parts of northeast Delhi.

Nearly 1,300 people have been arrested or detained so far in connection with the violence.