RaIDer-X can detect explosives from a specific range and inform the operator. DRDO believes that it will help Indian forces to save several lives.

PUNE: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and IISC Bangalore recently unveiled a new explosive detection device. A new explosive detection device – RaIDer-X was recently showcased during the National Workshop on Explosive Detection (NWED-2020 on March 01, 2020.

According to the reports, RaIDer-X can detect an explosive from a specific stand-off distance. It can also expand its capability to detect various explosives at a time in a pure form as well as with contaminated objects.

Features of RaIDer-X

• DRDO’s new explosive detection device RaIDer-X can detect explosives from a specific range and inform the operator.
• It can also detect bulk explosives located in a hidden place.
• The device has been developed by DRDO and IISc’s High Energy Materials Research Laboratory.
• DRDO believes that it is really important to detect explosives to save the country and mankind.

Benefits of RaIDer-X

It is a portable device that can be taken to any place along with the military contingent. This device will also help security agencies to work efficiently and safely. DRDO said that RaIDer-X will help Indian Security Agencies to save people from anti-social elements. RaiDer-X will also enhance the Indian Army’s power in the field to work more efficiently.

Mass production of the device will be done through transfer of technology (ToT), he said. “Currently, two private firms are bidding for the ToT,” added Murthy.

This device is useful for homeland security and civil security operations at airports, railway stations, shopping malls, multiplexes, schools, colleges, universities and all strategic locations. This device can also play a crucial role in post-blast analysis.

‘Raider X’ will be launched during the second national workshop on explosive detection to be held on March 1 at the HEMRL Pashan.