At a time when world leaders are looking at ways to contain the spread of coronavirus. Imran Khan wants Pakistan's debt written off — and his ploy is working

We are living amid a pandemic. Citizens are looking up to their respective governments for direction. But there is one country Pakistan that is not interpreting this virus as an existential threat for its people. It sees this as a tool to shift responsibility and make money out of this crisis.

At a time when world leaders are looking at ways to contain the spread of coronavirus. Imran Khan wants Pakistan's debt written off — and his ploy is working.

The Pakistan government has managed to secure millions in relief aid from the world bank. But nothing in Imran Khan's record can lead us to believe — that he will use this money to protect his citizens.

Imran khan could have done a lot. His government could have rescued stranded students from Wuhan. They could have taken aggressive measures to slow the outbreak.

The Pakistan health ministry could have tested and quarantined thousands of pilgrims arriving from Iran to Taftan in Baluchistan.

But Imran Khan did none of these things, Instead — he used the virus as an excuse to beg the world for money.

This even as he continues to fund ventures for self-promotion. His government is spending 42 million Pakistan rupees on defending itself on the internet.

Now, Pakistan was offered help — India reached out as we have reported in the past. India asked Pakistan to be a part of the SAARC video conference on Covid-19.

The Indian govt wanted to put issues on the back-burner and help its neighbours in times of crisis. But Pakistan wasted the chance, this was a humanitarian platform. Pakistan chose to politicise it.

It decided to push the Kashmir agenda — that too on the shoulders of a scam-accused health advisor. Zafar Mirza, this man is leading the country's coronavirus battle.

How You May Ask?

By smuggling masks out of Pakistan — the country's federal investigative agency has named Zafar Mirza in its charge sheet. 20 million masks were smuggled out of Pakistan. Thanks to him — right now — a box of ordinary surgical masks are being sold for more than 4,000 Pakistani rupees.

This crisis like many in Pakistan is of its own making. Its citizens are panicking at super-markets and stores to find masks. The number of coronavirus cases has risen 335 there. But confronted with the reality — Imran Khan is trying to evade all blame.

He is using the only political trick he knows — tell the world how powerless he is and how vulnerable Pakistan is. The Pakistan PM wanted a loan waiver — he has now got 588 million dollars for Pakistan's so-called emergency response to Covid-19.

The Asian development bank and the world bank have committed to providing this money to his government. Once again — the fact that Pakistan has constantly used many such financial doles to fund terror has been conveniently ignored.

Ever since his election — Mr Khan has managed to winkle out bail packages from world leaders. And at the same time, a conducive environment for terror has flourished in Pakistan.

Even this year — the country was on the FATF grey-list for inaction on state-sponsored terror. The coronavirus may be a pandemic for the world. For Pakistan — it's an opportunity to exploit the chaos.