Pakistan has not made any contribution for the COVID-19 Emergency Fund but has sought clarity about its utilization

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the COVID-19 Emergency Fund with initial contribution of USD 10 million. If nations like Bhutan and Afghanistan with limited resources can contribute then why not Pakistan. Pakistan has sought clarity on the utilization of the fund. There has been no pledge from Pakistan for the fund so far. There has been no pledge from Pakistan for the fund so far 

New Delhi: Pakistan’s contribution to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund is a big zero but it has sought clarity on its utilization. If this was not enough, it also wants the fund to be administered by the bloc’s secretary-general. Sri Lankan diplomat Esala Ruwan Weerakoon is the current SAARC Secretary-General.

The fund was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an initial contribution of USD 10 million during the SAARC leaders’ video conference on coronavirus pandemic on March 15.

So far, other member nations who have contributed to the fund include USD 1 million from Afghanistan, USD 1.5 million from Bangladesh, USD 100,000 from Bhutan, USD 200,000 from the Maldives, USD 1 million from Nepal, and USD 5 million from Sri Lanka.

According to local media reports, there has been no pledge from Pakistan for the fund so far.

If Bhutan & Afghanistan can contribute then why not Pakistan?

Countries with limited resources like Afghanistan and Bhutan have done their part by making contributions but it seems that Islamabad has not a single dollar to spare for fighting this deadly pandemic which has claimed the lives of more than 20,000 people and infected 465,915. 

Pakistan was the only nation which was not represented by a head of government but the health minister Dr Zafar Mirza who is currently under investigation for smuggling 20 million face masks.