Sindhi and Pashtun activists gathered in Geneva outside the UN building exposing Pakistan's pitiable track record of safeguarding the interests of minorities

In a major embarrassment for Pakistan, Baloch, Sindhi and Pashtun activists gathered in Geneva exposing Pakistan's pitiable track record of safeguarding the interests of minorities. This comes at a time when Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been at the forefront commenting about the riots in the national capital. 

Slogans Against Pakistani Establishment

Several prominent human right activists gathered in Geneva, Switzerland raising slogans against the Pakistani establishment demanding justice. Activists have alleged that Pakistani establishment has illegally detained human rights activist for a month without any charges. Italian origin human rights activist Frencheska said, "Where have you been United Nations. Where are you when everyday Baloch are killed. Women have been tortured. They have been held captive with no information. Where have you been to the United Nations? This has to stop." 

Azaadi slogans also reverberated outside United Nations drawing the attention of the global community. Activists organised a poster campaign in Geneva to highlight Pakistan's policy of discrimination. Posters read, "Stop discrimination; End Violence". Activists went on sloganeering, "Pakistani minorities want justice. We want justice now." 

Pashtun Leader Requests PM Modi

In another development, Pashtun leader Mustafa Pashtun requested Indian Prime Minister to intervene and save Pakistani minorities. "We have gathered here to highlight the atrocities meted out by the Pakistani establishment and Pakistani military. The common man has been suffering. We are not Pakistanis. We have been tortured. Pashtuns have been illegally detained by the administration," said Mustafa, adding, "Pakistani Army has been perpetrating all such crimes. They have been supporting the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Haqqani, Masood Azhar. Terrorism is their state policy. If the world is witnessing terrorist acts, it is because of the Pakistani Army." 

The Pashtun leader requested all global leaders to intervene.