After several countries raised issues with testing kits supplied by China, India, too, has found fault with the personal protective equipment kits that have arrived from China. Health ministry sources have revealed that those kits do not fulfil the criteria.

India has also placed orders for testing kits from China. A batch of 3,00,000 COVID-19 kits has been cleared by the customs department in Guangzhou, China, and is headed for New Delhi. As many as 2-3 million antibody-based kits are expected to arrive in India over the next couple of weeks. The central government had placed an order for more than 7 lakh kits with Chinese firms that were supposed to arrive by April 8.

Previously, it was alleged that China had sent Pakistan masks made of underwear. “In the name of to-quality N95 masks, China has sent in masks made out of underwear. It was also a lacuna on the part of the provincial health authorities who received the medical aid. Without proper checking, the masks were sent to Qatar hospital in Karachi. Over there, the doctors and para-medical staff called it buffooning by China,” Lahore-based News Break TV reported.

The Nepal government has scrapped a major deal for coronavirus testing kits and protective gears signed with a private Chinese company after finding them be of sub-standard quality. Spain had sent back to China millions of purchased kits. Up to 80 per cent of the 150,000 portable, quick coronavirus test kits China delivered to the Czech Republic earlier this month were faulty, National Review reported citing local Czech news site