After selling defective masks and testing kits to the world to combat their home-grown virus, China has now reached a new low by selling back the PPEs (personal protection equipment) to Italy which the European country had originally donated as humanitarian gesture. As reported Spectator magazine, China had earlier claimed that it will send PPEs to Italy, which has lately emerged as the hot spot for the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, to help it contain it.

However, now the reports reveal that China had sold, and not donated, those PPEs to Italy. Not only that, China actually forced Italy to buy back the same PPEs that Italy had donated to the Communist country.

The Chinese Coronavirus originated in Wuhan in Hubei province of China as early as November 2019. However, China and WHO downplayed the same by maintaining that the human-to-human spread of coronavirus was not medically proven. It was only after it was too late that the truth came out. By now, over 12 lakh people across the globe have tested positive and over 64,000 have lost their lives.

This is not the first time China has been a diplomacy nightmare in wake of Wuhan coronavirus. Earlier, many of the testing kits as well as masks sent by China to other countries were found defective and faulty. Spain had even returned 50,000 testing kits after they were found faulty. Moreover, instead of owning up the responsibility, China pushed the blame on others.