Beijing: Coronavirus originated in Wuhan city of China. However, now most countries have been caught by this virus. In the last few days, China has not only controlled the coronavirus but is also selling medical equipment to protect many other countries from the corona. However, questions have started to arise about how effective these devices are.

Nepal, which has come close to China in the last few years, also bought some equipment from China to protect it from Corona. But it is being told that their quality is very poor. Not only this, but China has also taken a lot of money from Nepal in exchange for these goods. The Nepal government has banned the use of rapid test kits sent by China. After about 6 lakh US dollars worth of test kit is of no use, the Nepal government has stopped its use.

Nepal, battling the Corona epidemic, had sent a chartered plane two days before and had imported 75 thousand Corona rapid test kits from China. But when the experts of Nepal's health department examined the kit, not a single kit turned out to be useful. After all the test kits are duplicated, the government has banned its use. Not only this, but China has also sold many products to Nepal many times. The list of which we have attached here.