Steven Mosher said China's claims about its “success” against COVID-19 and “zero domestic transmissions” are “propaganda” and “sheer fabrication". He slammed these claims as “fake news out of China”. He said the central government "simply directed doctors across China to stop diagnosing and reporting new cases of the disease"

The immensely painful COVID-19 ordeals tearing through Italy, Spain and the United States makes it doubtful communist China could have controlled this pandemic as early as it did and with far fewer casualties.

Steven Mosher, an American social scientist and China expert focused on anthropology, demography and China's One Child Policy campaign, contends the claims of the Communist Party of China (CPC) about the country's rapid “success” against COVID-19 and “zero domestic transmissions” are just “propaganda” and “sheer fabrication,” or outright lies.

“It is sheer fabrication, no sturdier than the shoddy warehouses that were put up in a week to house the victims of the Wuhan virus,” wrote Mosher in an article on the website of the Population Research Institute (PRI) that he founded.

He blasted the CPC claim of success against COVID-19 as “fake news out of China.” Mosher said the CPC parading its win over COVID-19 “as a model for other countries to follow" is merely communist propaganda at work and supports the party's latest catchphrase, which is "Learn from China."

“It is just one more piece of Chinese propaganda to add to the ever-growing pile of lies that Beijing has been telling these past three months,” said Mosher.

Mosher said the likelihood of zero transmission out of China’s 1.3 billion people “is about the same as the CPC discovering a cure for cancer, establishing a base on Mars and inventing faster-than-light interstellar travel -- all on the same day."

He said there was only one reason for the abrupt and astonishing end to the COVID-19 pandemic in China.

"What the Communist leadership of that country did was much simpler," he said. “It simply directed doctors across China to stop diagnosing and reporting new cases of the disease. Overnight, new cases dropped to zero.”

He affirms there's “evidence that some local jurisdictions have been deliberately underreporting the number of patients who test positive for the virus." Mosher said the “warehouse hospitals” such as those in Wuhan built overnight “have all been emptied out in a hurry, with many of the occupants sent home while reportedly still testing positive.”

According to Mosher, hospitals in Beijing have cancelled “all elective procedures,” which suggests they're still coping with a tsunami of of COVID-19 patients.

“Finally, at least one province is requiring all government documents to destroy all ‘documents and data’ they may have received concerning the epidemic.”

Taken together, all of these pieces confirm a CPC conspiracy to hide the truth that COVID-19 is still rampaging throughout China, to the detriment of the Chinese people and the world. Mosher said China is no longer counting COVID-19 cases.

China now ranks third behind the United States and Italy in number of confirmed COVID-19 cases. It incredibly claims it had only 81,439 total cases (no new cases) and 3,300 deaths (no new deaths) as of Sunday.

In contrast, the U.S. reported 140,960 cases, an increase of 17,382 from Saturday, and 2,457 deaths, a rise of 237, according to data website, Worldometer.