Afghan Army troops in the eastern province of Nangarhar said Wednesday that they destroyed bases of the Jaish-e-Mohammad insurgent group in the eastern part of the country

According to the army, Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists have been active over the past fifteen years in the Ghoraki area of Momandara district in Nangarhar province along the Durand Line, and have been backed by Pakistan.

The military officials said that during the operation a Pakistani member of the group was arrested, and also the group’s ammunition and weapon’s cache were discovered.

“Our heroic security forces were able to clear these bases of fighters as soon as possible. We have also seized dozens of small arms and heavy weapons,” said Brig. Gen. Mohammad Karim Niazi, a commander of the ANA in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

“Here were the strongholds of Jaish-e-Mohammad. They had advanced weapons. These centers are all cleared," said Mohammad Ayoub Hussainkhail, commander of Afghan border forces in the east.

Jaish-e-Muhammad's group was formed after Kashmir was separated from India, and the group has engaged in an armed struggle since.

Last year, the United Nations put the group's leader, Masood Azhar, on the terrorist list after an attack in Kashmir, India.

A member of the group, who was wounded, and arrested in eastern Afghanistan, speaks Urdu and says he is a resident of Punjab, Pakistan.

The Afghan military says they wanted to establish a security checkpoint there after clearing the Ghoraki border area but they were stopped by Pakistani troops.

Previously, Afghan officials said they had closed the Ghoraki area, a Taliban supply route along the Durand Line.

In addition, the governor of Kunar said that the Pakistani Jaish-e-Muhammad group was active in the areas near the Durand Line in the province.