Ahmedabad: The entire country is currently battling the Corona virus. NITI Aayog member and former Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) chief V K Saraswat said on Monday that the DRDO must “revive work on a bio (logical)-defence program”. Speaking at a video conference on National Technology Day, Saraswat called on the DRDO to provide “more focus” on its six laboratories that work on life sciences.

Dr. V.K. In his address, Saraswat congratulated DRDO for its outstanding work during the first 45 days of the fight against COVID-19.

He said that in this fight, the country has strengthened the infrastructure of science and technology. They advised DRDO to pay more attention to the biological lab. They said the bio-defence program should be restarted. He emphasised the development of more robotic devices in which DRDO specialises.

Rajnath Singh, on the other hand, said that DRDO has developed more than 50 products in the last 3-4 months through its continuous efforts to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. These include bio suits, sanitiser dispensers, PPE kits etc. 

The government and other organisations are constantly trying to prevent the spread of the virus. Correspondingly, RCI, a premier lab at DRDO, has developed an automated contact lens UVC sanitising cabinet defence research ultraviolet sanitiser (DRUVS). Apart from mobile phones, iPads and laptops, many other items can also be sanitised with the help of this cabinet.